Hello Bread

Slow Down.


 Eat Bread.

Hello Bread is the baking project of Walter Nichols based in Austin, Texas. Slow-fermented sourdoughs are made from wild yeasts, hand mixed simply with stone-milled flour, salt, and water, and baked hot and bold in a home kitchen. The process spans two days, giving the wild microbes optimal time to start breaking down the complex grain cells. The resulting bread has a delightfully deep, faintly sour flavor, a compelling range of textures, and is easier to digest than the quick-breads you'll find at the supermarket.



Hello Bread is in its infancy. It's growing and evolving every day. More grain mixes are being developed, new processes are being explored, dough temperature, hydration, enriched breads (brioche, challah, etc.), pastries, baking methods.... It's a journey, and I want you to be a part of it.


Here's how it will work for now:

Fill out your info below. This will subscribe you to the Hello Bread newsletter. Whenever a bake day is approaching, you will receive an email with the details of the bake including number of loaves, price, type of bread, etc. If you're feeling like you want a loaf, respond to the email. From there we will work out a delivery/pickup/shipping situation.

This is a cottage food business, meaning everything is prepared in a home kitchen. It's entirely possible that there are more responses than there is bread. Those who miss out will get first dibs on the next bake.

Let's do it!